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posted 22 Feb 2011, 10:30 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

Stella is documenting her 'UNTOLD STORIES' on her blog It's a traumatic, personal experience with armed robbers on more than one occasion she has lived through by God’s Grace only. These events have left their imprint on her life; so much so that she believes it's time to reach out to gun men to lay down their arms and to stop inflicting harm on innocent people.

Also, Stella intends to reach out to African leaders, specifically Nigerian leaders. She wants them to take the necessary steps to end the suffering of the masses, provide stipends for the unemployed and take several other measures that would result in poverty reduction.


Nigerians deserve to live better because God has endowed the nation with abundant resources that the government needs to manage more efficiently and distribute the wealth across board. Why would a country as small and not as naturally endowed as the United Kingdom have the political and social will to fend for the unemployed, the physically challenged, the aged etc. (discount the recent cuts by the present government)? And a country like Nigeria with all the petro dollars over the years will persistently shut their eyes and ears to the suffering of the rising population.


Leaders of today would give account to their Creator someday and nobody, not even the billionaires with ill-gotten wealth stored for unborn generations can fly their foreign currency through to the grave below when they depart this world to wherever they will end up.


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