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SPARKLING DAWN (excerpt) by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

posted 17 Jun 2012, 16:23 by Flirty & Feisty Romance   [ updated 19 Sep 2013, 10:59 ]
Chloe flew out of her chair, knocking it to the floor. Bile rose sharply to her gut, nearly choking her. ‘I don’t want him here,’ she muttered.

   ‘This is my place…mine! And, Warren isn’t welcome here!’ she chanted to herself repeatedly, as she frog marched around the basement floor.

   When she recovered from the sight blinding her vision, she laid into him.

   ‘What are you doing here? How did you know where to find me?’ at his lazily arched, shady eyebrow and quirky grin that made him look so eye-popping, she changed her tune.

   He dwarfed her spacious reception space. ‘What happened to your arm?’ he asked in concern.

   His bass voice was unmistakable.

   How many men had such deep, dark, booming quality to their vocals?

   A curly grin slashed across his sexy lips. The indentation at the top of his upper lip was to die for.

   Warren looked hot!

   Chloe suddenly wanted his sure hands to rip away her gown…to discover her secret region and to possess her until she’s blown away by what she could only imagine would be a life transforming orgasm.

   Blind me! What pure hearted woman would think like that?

   She could feel her stomach wall flex, as her legs press firmly together. Her limbs tried and failed to cope with the pressure build up…

   The warm spread of heat to her neck brought on a fierce rush of male excitement in him, she tried to ignore. The type of excitement that made her want to give heed to her primitive instinct–to give in, and be ravished by him!

   When last did he see a grown woman blush so unashamedly?

   ‘Next time, keep your intrusive fingers to yourself!’ her order sounded like a croaky cry.

   ‘My intrusive fingers are insured.’ He quipped, bringing his gorgeous and groomed fingers onto the table for display.

   Her heart did a triple jump. ‘So, if by chance they become grilled by your escalating body temperature…’ he left his statement hanging.

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