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Seduced Hearts is OUT! #NewRelease #Interracial #BWWM #ASMSG

posted 1 Jan 2016, 11:12 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

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At last, Flirty & Feisty Romance 12th Novel; Seduced Hearts is now available on Amazon and Smashwords in time for your weekend relaxation and Christmas entertainment.


My dear friends and readers, I'm beyond ecstatic. To God be the glory.


From the first page of Seduced Hearts, an Interracial Christmas love story, Efua and Xavier Flonta will keep you at the edge of your seat. Their lovely children and extended family will also entertain you. It is pleasure, sizzling romance and heartache rolled in one. 


Please add Seduced Hearts to your To Be Read list this weekend.


Seduced Hearts

~ A Body-Tingling Romance

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Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Multicultural/Interracial

Release date: November 25, 2015

Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1519486653

No of Pages: 200

Word Count: 38,820 


Is a lovely marriage enough?

Ghanaian designer, Efua Flonta has a marriage and a life many women dream of. Her heart lies with her racy husband, Xavier and two young children. Her marriage vows are sacred until she meets a man who threaten everything she holds dear.

Sexy formula one racing champion, Xavier Flonta wants nothing more than to please his beautiful wife and children. When an old friend stops over, he does not bargain for one weekend of trouble. Will Efua and Xavier pull together to save their marriage in time for Christmas or will the hurt be too painful?










For some wonderful reason, she and Xavier re-ignited the intense spark they’d always had until two years ago.

Efua's chest tightened at the memory. She shook her head. Honestly, she did not know how much longer she could hold it in.

“There you go again, honey love,” said Xavier as he nuzzled her neck with his stubble-covered chin. “Talk to me love, what’s on your mind?”

Unease seeped into her belly, but she swallowed to shut it out. Then she sighed. “Xavier my love,” she said as she turned to face him. Her eyes scanned his handsome face – broad face, sexy hazel eyes, and attractive nose even with the mini dent on the bridge, cute moustache and facial hair and lips which turned her body into a racing track.

“It would please me a lot to cheer you on from the VIP box. You know I love watching you race. You’re the best driver McLaren features. I don’t care what the ranking show. Watching you race is a great turn on.” She pressed her palm flat over his toned abs and drew a line downward. He wore a black swimming trunk. It was so tight-fitting, it screamed, sex!

Even after eight years of marriage, she could not get enough of her racy husband.

“Then nothing is going to stop you from coming with me. Our trip to Prague a few days ago was amazing and it reminded me of what’s more important. You’re my world, Efua. Whether I win or lose a race isn’t so relevant. Once you’re there with me, I’ll feel like a winner.”

She rolled on top of him and kissed his lips. “Thank you, my sexy love. No matter how many times you tell me how I make you feel, I still feel good each time I hear you say these words. And I want you to know that you mean the world to me too. Now and forever.” She paused before adding, “Promise me something.”

A few frown lines appeared on his brow and his chest pounded beneath her fingers.

“Hey! It’s no big deal,” she soothed as she dropped kisses around his hair-sprayed chiselled chest.

“Don’t scare me. What is it?”

She gave him a naughty grin. “You know every marriage goes through different stuffs at some point. Always remember you’re my one and only love, Xavier. I love you very much. Never forget, no matter what happens.”

Her husband’s hazel eyes narrowed and he jerked upright, pulling her forward.

“What are you talking about? I know you love me. Is there something you’re not telling me?”

Try as she did, her eyes shone with fear.



* * * * * *


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