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#NewRelease: His Ring is Out! @StellaEA #Romance #IR #ASMSG

posted 16 Sep 2016, 15:56 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

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With a heart full of praise to God, I announce the release of my new interracial novel, titled His Ring ~ A Sweet & SteamyRomance.

In this story, you will meet Esohe Osawe, a woman in denial of the sizzling attraction growing within her and Yomi Alade, a man who fully intends to capture her heart. But their journey is not drama-free. Join Esohe and Alade as they work through their emotions in His Ring.

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural


Price: 99c



ISBN 13: 978-1537130552




~ A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel ~

 There’s no Denying the Sizzling Attraction

Peeping out from her bedroom window to watch the tattoos on Yomi's chiselled chest and the play of muscles across his abs and arms as he works out, is Esohe’s guilty pleasure. But she denies her sensual attraction for good reasons.

Okada Books

Her son, her work and re-settling in town are all she cares about.  But as days turn into weeks, can she stop thinking about the man who has her emotions tangled?

One woman is all the sexy Yomi Alade wants and he will give anything to have her. Only she is smart, intelligent and out of his reach. When he finds out there's an opening in her new home, he quickly shows up to offer his service. Now he must figure out how to spoon the dark beauty to his side and never let her go. But there are truths she must not uncover.

~ From the Author of INDECENT ~






Ignoring her son’s sulky expression, Esohe made a quick call to her office and told them she was running late.


‘Alright Shawn, I’ll take you school today. Get dressed and come down for breakfast.’


‘Mum, I don’t think you should bother,’ her son said as he pulled on his blazer and knotted his tie in front of the giant-sized framed mirror.


Shawn was only in year five, but he acted as if he was in sixth form. He must have inherited the attitude from his grand mum because she had been quite level-headed at his age.


‘Why not? I’m your mum and I want to fix you breakfast. I accept that I haven’t been around much since we moved in here, but I want to start to repair that lapse now.’


 Picking up her bag and keys from the floor, she ran down the stairs. Looking at her wristwatch, she reckoned Shawn still had well over twenty minutes before he had to be in school.


At the foot of the stairs, she came to a screeching halt. The sight a few yards in front of her left her speechless and breathless in one fell swoop.


In her bespoke kitchen, the man she’d seen through her bedroom window picking weeds and digging flower beds only an hour ago in stained green t-shirt, dark shorts, muddy boots and gloves now looked like a celebrity TV chef preparing breakfast on live television.


Now dressed in a white long sleeve shirt—rolled up to reveal complicated tattoos on his fore­arms­—and blue jeans, Yomi had her purple apron tied low on his waist. Music filtered out from the surrounding speakers and he moved his head to the tune.


At her drooling mouth, Yomi flashed her a winning grin as he stirred the bubbling liquid in the milk pan on the five ring induction gas hob.


Looking to her left on the breakfast bar where they ate quick meals, there were two plates set, complete with cutlery and mugs. Taking in the scene, she understood why her son had dismissed her belated offer to prepare his breakfast.


Her gardener had extended his scope of work to providing breakfast for her son and doing school runs behind her back. Yomi had practically taken over the running of her home.


Moved to tears, she covered her face with both hands. Embarrassment and a tinge of anger warred within her. She could not put her finger on exactly what she found so appalling about the scenario playing out in front of her.


While she stood like a robot on the last step, Shawn came bounding down the stairs, looking at his wristwatch at the same time.

‘Hi mate,’ Yomi called out to Shawn who was pulling his schoolbag over one shoulder.


In her head, Yomi’s voice was like hot syrup flowing through her veins. Confused and shocked, she searched for the best way to tackle the problem.


If she asked her handsome gardener to get out of her kitchen, she risked offending her son who was obviously settled into the routine of eating hot, freshly prepared meals for breakfast.


‘Come over and join us, Mum,’ Shawn called out as he dumped his bag on the black Ceaserstone Quartz worktop.


‘Never mind, I’m sure Yomi doesn’t have enough for three,’ she said in a faint whisper.


‘There’s always extra. Isn’t there an extra portion left, Yomi?’ her son asked, as he went round and pumped the gardener on the arm like chummy friends did.


Her stomach almost fell out. ‘This isn’t happening,’ she muttered under her breath. Yomi was not Shawn’s friend by any stretch of imagination. He was here to tend her garden not to play buddy to her son.


In fact, what scared her more was the thought of Yomi playing dad to her son.












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