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posted 28 Sep 2016, 23:14 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

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Yes, after two years, I have finally released Cowries Series Book 2.


So it is with great joy and praise to God, I announce the release of my new novel, titled His Choice ~ A Sweet Paranormal Romance.

In this story, you will meet a handsome and sensitive Prince Osula who has a generous heart and Obigho, a woman with powers on a mission to claim his Kingdom. Will the allure of a strange woman rid Osula of his throne? Please join Osula and Obigho as they find their way in a story laced with drama and emotion
 in His Choice.

Genre: Romance/Paranormal/Multicultural/Fantasy


 Release Date: September 27th, 2016


Price: 99c



ISBN-13: 978- 1537332710

~ An Allure So Intense ~

On a specific mission to a place far away from home, Obigho sets eyes on a tall, dark man with a sharp gaze, carved muscles and royal strides and almost forgets the reason she is in town.

A walk by the riverside at dawn is all Osula has in mind. When he sees a creature move, he steps forward to find out what is hiding in the shade. The woman with glowing eyes catches his gaze. But when he stretches out his hand, he receives a shock.

Now Osula must find out if Obigho is who she says she is. And will she want to be with him?

~ From the Author of His Ring: A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~





Stirred from his trance, Prince Osula shook his head to clear the fuzziness. “I must show you to the king and queen at once,” he said, reaching for her hand.

“No!” Obigho refused, stepping away from him. “No one must know I’m in Igidan land. You must keep our meeting to yourself and swear your guard to secrecy or…”

“Or what?” he asked, his eyes searching hers for clues as to who she really was. “Why should I keep your existence a secret if you have nothing to hide?”

Tiger brown eyes the colour of glowing gemstones wrapped up his gaze and he held his tongue.

“Perhaps I have something to hide,” she agreed with a shrug. “But it is my personal matter. I prefer to live in a place surrounded by nature. And it is cool by the riverside. I have shade, food supply, water and clothes. And you turned up, so now I have an ally. What more do I need?”

Casting his mind back to the material comfort waiting for him in the palace, he could not imagine her needs being met in this place, open to sun and wind.

“Yes, I come here for peace and serenity but it has no material comfort for a woman.”

Shaking her head, she murmured. “How wrong you are. I’m not royalty, so I do not need all the comfort you speak of. My purpose in life requires the peace and serenity found only in a place like this. Worry not about me, O Prince. My journey here today has been eventful.”

Contrary to what she said, the riverside was no place to call home. “But you are human, a woman with the needs like any other. Come with me to the palace and I’ll ensure you are well cared for until you need to return to your home. We take adequate care of strangers in Igidan land.”

Her lips opened up like a flower and she bared uneven white teeth, which only enhanced her beauty.

“How kind of you to offer me comfort in the royal household. Believe me when I say I’m honoured, but I have to refuse your generosity for your own good. However, I would be pleased to see you whenever you come out here for a walk. Only do not bring your guard. Can you do that for me?”

Silence filled the awkward moment.

Was he insane to even consider having a secret meeting with a woman who spoke as if she ruled the world but had the attitude and needs of a lowly commoner? Not that the royal house considered anyone a lowly commoner. Far from it. His father, the king made sure every household in Igidan Kingdom had farmlands and enough food to feed their families. The communal life in Igidan was the envy of neighbouring towns and villages. Even strangers were housed and treated with dignity and respect.

Obigho stared at him with her fiery eyes, waiting for him to make promises he could not keep or should not even consider.

“You ask for the impossible, Obigho,” he stalled, hoping she would see the error in her request.

“Does My Prince wish to decline a woman’s wish because he fears the wrath of his father, the king?”

He knew she was playing on his mind but how could he decline her simple request without coming across as cruel?


After a long pause, he said...










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