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LOITERING SHADOWS (excerpt) by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

posted 17 Jun 2012, 10:22 by Flirty & Feisty Romance   [ updated 19 Sep 2013, 12:53 ]
   Jerking suddenly, Tricia turned to look at the door and behold, there stood a stunning blond lady. She was coiffed in designer clothes no doubt. She was wearing a thick, brown fur coat.
   Where on earth did she come from? Canada or Moscow…?
   The blond lady had stunning blue eyes, that were narrowing at Tricia now as she screamed.
   ‘Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my fiancé’s house?’ she looked at Tricia from head to toe and must have decided she was no match for her. ‘By the way, where is Presky?’ she asked confrontationally.
   Tricia remained quiet. So Presky had a fiancée? And he was calling her ‘his baby’, ‘my lady’, and all manner of meaningless names.
   Tricia felt her heart aching all over again. She’d known it was too good to be true…to meet a handsome dude that was single and searching. But she’d ignored her gut instincts.
   She jerked again as the blond took two steps further into the living room, and shouted at the top of her earsplitting voice. ‘Are you deaf? I asked you where Presky was.’ When she didn’t receive any response from Tricia, she was enraged.
   ‘Listen to me, I have closed my eyes. Before I open them, I want you to take your lousy, plain self out of this house and never return, gold digger!’ with that outburst, the fair-haired lady stormed into Presky’s bedroom. Tricia heard her throwing things angrily.
   Tricia sat glued to the chair, amazed at how rotten words could tumble out so comfortably, from a lady’s mouth – a designer attired blond!
   She came back into the living room, looking like she was mistress of the house. When she saw that Tricia was still sitting and hadn’t moved, she stormed across the living area, towards the kitchen.
   She came back and as quick as lightning, Tricia felt the chill, rather than saw the cold water being poured over her face and neck. The aggressive blond witch had just tossed a glass of cold water at her!

   Tricia was too shocked at the attack to react. She just clutched at the wet top, and looked at the victorious expression on her fair-haired foe’s face as the door of the hallway flew open and Presky walked into the living room sweating from his exercise.


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