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HUSBAND to RENT - Excerpt

posted 14 Aug 2013, 06:53 by Flirty & Feisty Romance   [ updated 16 Oct 2013, 15:30 ]

'You kept me waiting for hours,' was all Fara could muster, his throat muscles working furiously.

Taking in deep breath, he raised both hands up. 

'Set me free. You're making a show of us in public,' he chided, as he fenced off more than four pairs of eyes belonging to the viewing diners.

She left one arm lingering boldly at his waistline, as she cat walked to stand beside him. 

In her heels, she reached his neck. She's a tall woman, he admitted as her classy perfume lingered between them.

Thankfully, as a rule, he preferred women in average pack size.

But this woman is fearless and demanding.

She surely isn't his type. Too flirty for his liking!

He preferred his woman, slightly tame and submissive. 'Where have you been?' he demanded, after de-tangling her supple arms from his sweltering waistline.

   A near sensual smile played around her full lips, almost causing havoc in his trousers, as a thin film of sweat broke out on his bunched chin.

'I was held up at work. I had to sprint to be here.'

He gave her attire a glance over. She looked smashing in a turquoise blue, one hand, body hugging short dress. 

Her legs, smooth as glass, stretched for miles.

And, his chest beeped at least twice, as the thought of what his hands could do with her legs rushed to his head.

What a distraction!

Why did he have to pick this woman

'You look great,' he eventually complimented, when he remembered his good manners. 'Please sit down,' he invited, as he offered her the seat opposite him.

   'Thank you, Fara.' He tried in vain to recall her name, but gave up after thirty seconds. 'Are you saying you work till eleven sometimes?' he asked out of inquisitiveness, rather than interest.

   At least, that's what he wanted to believe.

   From her quizzical look, she didn't miss the hint of frustration underlining his question. 'Let me say, it's not unusual.'

   He noticed she avoided his questioning gaze.

   What kind of stupid answer is that? He wondered, glaring at her. He wouldn't be surprised if she’s having an affair at work! Why else would such a sexy female enjoy working late?

   She’s such a seductive woman.

   Bitter saliva trickled down his throat. 'Do you have spare dinner clothes in the office?' his question came out more like a sneer.

   A tolerant sigh escaped her lips.

   'I get invited to dinner now and again. I like to be ready.' One well-lined eyebrow flashed up.

   'Going on dinner dates from work is routine? What kind of job is that?' he couldn't help the disapproval showing up in his breath.

   After a couple of minutes, he asked instead, 'What should I order for you? Can I assume you're starving?'

   Her cheeky smile was back in place, almost making him grin.

   'I'm very hungry. It's been a long time since lunch. I've had nibbles all evening,' she hummed, her clear golden eyes hunting him.

   Fara's eyes ran over her face. Her glossy lips were dark with a teasing hint of pink colour in the inner part.  He could tell she only wore lip gloss. His chest area received a heavy dose of unexplainable bustle. 

Flirty & Feisty Romance...Our to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget!

Our to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget!