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New Release 

Royal Cowries (Cowries #1) is out 

My long awaited historical African romance is out. As you know, I started writing Royal Cowries (Cowries Series #1) set in exotic Africa about four years ago.

Usually, I write contemporary romance, and there are eight published love stories on so far. Crossing over to a different genre - historical- was daunting. But I give all glory to God for making this day possible. *Dancing*

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of Royal Cowries (Cowries Series #1) and to invite you to celebrate this new milestone with me on the release tour.

Release Tour

Royal Cowries


Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Mar 31st - Apr 14th

Genre: Historical Romance

Sub-genre: African Historical

Pages: 230

Cover Designer: Obsessed by Books Designs


Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel

In the land of Igodomigodo in 1470, a man's word was law.
But in the hands of a wild

maiden, Uvbi, lies the future, where women might have a say. When her freedom is endangered, Uvbi issues a threat to Nagudia before she disappears.

Nagudia, a renowned bronze caster conceals his past to gain freedom, but when he hears a scream in the bush, he takes action and his destiny becomes intertwined with Uvbi's. Are their lives destined together or will the journey to come uncover truths that will throw them apart?


                                                          Amazon  US  UK (Ebooks)



'A new name?' Ubvi's eyes widened. 'What name change do you refer to?'

'I can't say anymore on that subject for now.' Nagudia sealed his lips with two fingers, drawing her gaze to his long, strong hands.

Uvbi nodded in understanding. 'Going back to our conversation, I must warn you. My ways are littered with demands. You might become weary of them as time unfolds.'

He puffed. 'You insult me when you imply I might not live up to your expectations.'

A grin worked its way to her lips. 'I sincerely apologize, great warrior.'

Nagudia strode back and forth. 'Go on then, let your worries, and demands be heard. We shall see if I can live with them. Can any demand be more tasking than the ones you dumped on me in the past, I wonder? Did I not meet them in a timely manner?'

Uvbi liked the glowing fire in her chest and she sighed in harmony with the rustling leaves.

He stepped too close. Nagudia smelled of rain and freshly cut grass.

Hot air blasted through his skin straight into her body. A wild tremor passed from her head to her feet. Uvbi pressed her wet body into his, and he held her for a long time.

He pressed his cheeks against her hair and inhaled deeply. When his calloused palms stilled the movement on her back, she lifted her head.

His eyes stayed hooded but his arms tightened around her waist. 

Time stood still.

His heart beat grew louder, and faster.

Her heart leaped.

The trees whistled and cheered.

In the ensuing silence, her body drew strength from his solid chest wall, and tense belly. With her heart hammering to the unspoken words in his eyes, Uvbi stepped out of reach.



This is me, Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

I love writing romance novels that are as intriguing and flirty as they are entertaining. Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels are a wide range of toe-curling, skin-tingling romance books with compelling characters who have heart and soul.

The stories are dotted with unexpected twists and turns and conflict and are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe and America. The witty dialogue between the characters keeps you thoroughly entertained.

If you want to cuddle up and relax, grab a copy, travel with the characters and sail away to Pleasure Island. They cure boredom and relieve stress!

In 2010, I created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel. My first contemporary romance novel; LOITERING SHADOWS was published in May 2010. Other Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels are, STORMY DEFENSE, BEYOND the LADY, the National Novel Writing Month 2010 winning novel, THE GARDENER’s ICE MAIDEN, SPARKLING DAWN, the spicy hot HUSBAND to RENT, Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series #1) and Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series #2). 

At the moment, I’m working on my four romance novels. My job is taking care of my gorgeous, life-size hero of a husband and two vibrant and loving ‘near teenagers’.  In my spare time, I love to read romance novels, swim and watch TV shows.


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Your Christmas Gift ~ A Sweet & Sexy Romance #Newrelease

posted 17 Nov 2017, 04:39 by Flirty & Feisty Romance   [ updated 17 Nov 2017, 04:57 ]


Hello Romance Readers,

It is release day!

How Excellent is my God! 

Your Christmas Gift ~ A Sweet & Sexy Romance is out now on all Amazon Marketplaces.

Please pour yourself a flute of champagne and clink your glass with mine. Today is celebration day.

When a drop-dead gorgeous therapist, Femi Oladokun who cannot help himself is forced to spend his holiday with Kimani Carter, an event planner with killer curves and feisty attitude, heat sizzles like wild flame. 

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/African American/Christmas Romance

Release Date: Tuesday 14th November 2017

Word Count: 69,934 words

Price: 99c only




Kneading his eyes with the heel of his palms, Femi curled into a ball as heat crept into his spine. He forced himself to relax by counting and slowly faded into dreamland.


In his dream, Femi had his arms around Kimani while they laid naked on his bed. They shared warm smiles, heated kisses and chatted like lovers.


“What am I doing here?” Kimani asked, her eye brows creased like crumpled tissue paper as she sat up in bed.


Yanked out of his dream, Femi opened his eyes and stared at the woman frowning at him wide-eyed.


“I carried you to bed in the early hours of the morning, so you could have a sweet sleep.”


Twisting her mouth in shock, she leaped out of the bed. “You did what? I told you I wasn’t interested in spending my nights in your arms.”


Turning face down on the bed, he covered his head with one pillow.


“Just be grateful, Kimani! Good morning. Stop making a fuss. I didn’t touch your boobs or your backside.”


He heard a gasp before Kimani rapped. “If you want a woman in your bed, go and find one. We’re sharing the suite, not the bed. Get it into your head.”

Jerking up to a sitting position, Femi held his hands up.

“Fine. I hear you loud and clear. Suit yourself, Ma’am. Like I told you before, I don’t need a woman in my arms or in my bed. If I do, I know where to find a willing one.



A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel

 ~ Their attraction sizzles…like a wild flame ~

Femi Oladokun stretched out on the sofa at his hideaway penthouse days before Christmas. Darkness eats up his heart slowly because he is a therapist who cannot help himself. In the last six years, he has spent the festive season alone. When a dark-haired woman with killer curves, slanted eyes and feisty boldness storms inside his suite like a cyclone asking him to pack his belongings, he knows he must kick her out. Yet, his stomach walls curl with tension as she rattles his peace.

Tired after her long-haul flight two days before Christmas, Event Planner, Kimani Carter just wants a luxury bed to lie on in the penthouse she is told is vacant. This season she knows her single Christmas wish will go unanswered as always and the dark pain in her heart will linger. All she wants this year is to be alone. But when she strolls inside the suite, the drop-dead gorgeous, tattooed man splayed on the sofa donning only hip-hugging grey boxers and a brutal tongue send her body and her holiday into utter confusion.

Will the season work its magic to bring Femi and Kimani their Christmas gifts?

From the Author of All of Me ~ A Sweet & Steamy Romance




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All of Me: “I’m going to make you mine" #Newrelease #Romance #99c

posted 9 Oct 2017, 06:03 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

Hello Romance Readers,

It is release day! God is Awesome! 

All of Me ~ A Sweet & Steamy Romance is out now on Amazon, Okada Books & Smashwords.

Please pour yourself a wine of glass and clink your glass with mine. Today is celebration day.

"My Neighbour is sexy and irresistible..." so says Roli Boyo, in All of Me.

Read all about Jermaine Tucker, my alpha male African American hero and the feisty Roli Boyo in my Sweet & Steamy Romance. 

Whirlwind currents barged her head as his tongue set hers on fire. Flames singed her mouth, rushing downward to her chest, tightening her nipples to erect tips.

In his eyes, a glow so bright oozed from their depths, slowly turning them into hot coals.

Her fingers strayed to his nipples, making them do her bidding, moaning when the tips peaked within her grip.

Groaning into her mouth, Jermaine’s tongue asked for more, demanded more, and sucked every inch of her inner lips until her legs wobbled. Then he lowered his head, his eyes narrowing to sensational slits.

Little flames burnt her throat and she swallowed.

“No way,” she begged. “Jermaine, you can’t go inside my bra.”

“Look into my eyes.”

Lifting her head, Roli glanced up at him.

He brushed her lips with one finger, then two, before he swallowed her mouth.

Tiny shivers snaked down her back…stretching further down.

“I’m going to make you mine…and I don’t give a damn what you say or what sounds right. Tell your runaway boyfriend his time is up. Because you’ve made me a man with a single mission.”


A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel

~ A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel ~

“Incredibly hot, pushy & a real hunk, my neighbour, Jermaine is so in my face, I can hardly breathe on my own. He has a body any woman dreams about with hard lines, tight ass, muscled with tattoos along his arms and inviting lips that keeps me gasping. Yet, I know he’s wrong for me, but tell that to my aroused body as night after night, his chiselled figure pulls me closer in my dreams. I’ve got to remind myself Jermaine double-crossed me, plus my secret taunts me, so there’s no way we can be together. Not a chance!”

~ Roli Boyo

“I’m in London to find a woman who’s even-tempered, homely and has not given her heart to any other man. Someone who wants me with her whole heart. By a twist of fate, I run into my next-door neighbour, Roli, a stunning model who speaks her mind no matter what. Although she has a list of exes’ and a boyfriend I’ve not seen, she makes my chest tighten and I want to capture her full lips with mine. But she has done something I can’t accept. Yet my feet keep dragging me to her front yard even though I know nothing can come out of our escapades. Absolutely nothing!”

~ Jermaine Tucker

Will Roli and Jermaine find comfort in each other’s arms?

~ From the ~ Author of “You’re Mine”: A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~


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#Newrelease ~ "You're Mine":Tension Gripped Her Belly... #99c #Romance

posted 13 Jul 2017, 13:25 by Flirty & Feisty Romance   [ updated 13 Jul 2017, 13:26 ]

Hello Romance Readers,

It is release day! Thank God!

You're Mine" ~ A Sweet & Steamy Romance is out now!

Pour yourself a wine of glass and clink your glass with mine. Today is celebration day.

Photo is courtesy of

It was a real joy to write this African American, super sweet and steamy romance novel within two months.

Read all about, the hot and sexy luxury boat builder, Banjo Ricci who  wants the fabulous Rachael Johnson, his mum's god-daughter, a woman who might just bring him to his charming knees in Fontvieille, Monaco.


Release Date: Wednesday 12th July 2017

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Okada Books



Price: #99c

Pages: 240

Word Count: 48,000+



Rachael shut her eyes and held her breath. Gently, Banjo’s fingers stroked her lower back and spine.



Breathing slowly, she sighed as his scent wrapped her up in a strong wall.


Though his fingers were hard, his touch was as soft as wool. As minutes ticked by, a thousand caresses flooded her spine with a new longing.



Beneath the table, her legs trembled, and inside her bra, her breasts grew heavier.


“Okay,” she breathed harshly. “Stop!”


As if Banjo did not understand her command, he carried on stroking her back lightly.

Tension gripped her belly and her lips shut up tight, swallowing her gripe. Nothing had ever felt so good, or so right.


“Close your eyes and relax,” Banjo spoke softly near her lips.


All she had to do was turn an inch and her lips would salute his mouth.




A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel


~ Feelings too intense…to ignore ~

"Rachael’s beautiful, brainy & feisty. Every time I see her, my stomach walls tighten and heat gushes to my chest. But she’s out of bounds to me. Aside from the fact Rachael’s my mum’s god daughter, I think she’s pregnant. Only I don’t see any man showing up to claim responsibility for the bump she carries around with pride. But I’m in the city for about a month, not enough time to find out if I want her in my arms or to think of her as mine." 

~ Banjo Ricci

"Banjo’s hunky, sexy & mouthy. He has only come home for a short period to clean up his mum’s finances, yet he’s already sticking his nose in my affairs. Every time I see him, he has no shirt on his back. I should take my eyes off him for my own good. But his body is carved to perfection and his sexy tattoos beg for my touch. No matter how explosive the chemistry is between us, I need to face my health problems and get him out of my thoughts because there are things I can never tell him and there’s no way he’s mine."

~ Rachael Johnson

Can Rachael and Banjo find their way to each other’s heart?

~ From the Author of Enticed Forever: A Bad Boy Romance ~


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Amazon US,

Amazon UK,

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#Newrelease - Enticed Forever #Badboyromance #ASMSG

posted 14 Apr 2017, 12:31 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

Hello Romance Readers,

My Steamy Bad Boy Romance, titled Enticed Forever is out now!!!

Enticed Forever is available now

You will meet a confident, tall and sexy millionaire, Theo Galanos who thinks he has every woman figured out and Aize Ogie, an attractive head of marketing who wants nothing to do with him. But his plan to lure her into his bed backfires!

Book Title: Enticed Forever ~ A Bad Boy Romance

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural

Release Date: 13th April 2017

Paperback: ISBN-10: 1543203175

ISBN-13: 978-1543203172

Visit Amazon, Okada Books or Smashwords for a copy of Enticed Forever

Amazon US

~ An Attraction…so Irresistible ~

Millionaire bad boy, Theo Galanos has two things worked out. Women want anything money can buy. And he has no

problems keeping them sweet as long as his heart is not involved. But when he hits a car and sends it spinning off the road, he meets Aize Ogie, an attractive woman in a figure-hugging dress who wants nothing he has to offer. Nothing prepares him for the body-popping tension which grips his chest and nearly sweeps him off his feet.

Aize must find the President of Galanos Holdings, get him to approve the all-important contract if she must secure the promotion she wants. But the mysterious man, rumoured to be Hampshire’s bad boy is hard to catch. When her car is bumped off the road and she opens her eyes on a hospital bed, the exotic-speaking and muscular man staring down at her sends shockwaves through her cleavage. Faced with the sexy man who only gives a woman what money can buy, Aize is torn between giving up on her promotion and allowing her heart sway her head.

Will Theo let go of his selfish desire to hold back his heart in this steamy romance?

Theo reached out his hand to clasp hers, but Aize dodged his touch and grabbed the chair opposite him, a wide grin on her face.

Inside him, he was unsure whether Aize was playing hard to get. The pink, scallop-edged, lace bustier top she wore accentuated her small breasts and slender waist, while the dark blue leggings showed off her hot curves. Imagining her topless for a second left his cheeks burning with longing.

‘Thanks. You have great curves by the way,’ he added, turning aside to avoid her haunting gaze. Patting his cheeks with his cool palms, he stood behind her, breaking into a whistle when he saw the tattoo on her top right shoulder.

Tilting her neck upward, she stared up at him. ‘Oh, you’ve seen my tattoo.’

Intrigued by the small ink design on her pretty skin, he asked. ‘Where else do you have a tattoo?’

‘Right on top of my bum,’ she giggled, touching her lower back.

A sharp pang of desire enveloped his groin and he reached for her waist, totally unable to stem his curiosity. ‘Can I see it?’

Aize wriggled out of her seat, dislodging his hands around her waist as she took refuge near the oak sideboard in the formal dining area.

‘My waist is ticklish,’ she admitted with the wave of one hand. But from where she stood, Aize lifted her clingy top slightly, and he caught a glimpse of praying hands and a cross with some writing on her brown skin.

For several seconds, his heart pounded inside his chest because he wanted to strip off her leggings and take her from behind. Instead, he swallowed and took in several deep breaths, mumbling, ‘Your tattoos are super sexy.’

Behind her, the top of the solid wood sideboard would have made a grand bed to actualize his fantasy. All he had to do was throw aside the miniature balls decorating the surface.

‘Thank you. Do you have any tattoos yourself?’ he heard her ask, aborting his tour down fantasy lane.


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#NewRelease Naked Attraction #Romance #Multicultural

posted 24 Jan 2017, 07:14 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

Dear Romance Readers,


It is Release Day!!!

My Sweet & Sexy Romance Novel, NAKED ATTRACTION is out now on Amazon, Okada Books & Smashwords.

I have also announced the two winners of Naked Attraction Pre-order Giveaway. Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered my book and shared my posts. I love you lots.

As you know, Valentine's Day is exactly three weeks away! Get your hands on Naked Attraction now, the perfect companion during the romantic season. You can also buy a copy for your friend as a gift.


Add Naked Attraction on Goodreads.

Release Date: Tuesday 24th January 2017

Word Count: 51,570

No of Pages on Kindle: 171 pages

Buy Now!!!

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural

Read Naked Attraction to find out how Mofe, a hot and sexy Café owner tempts and pursues Ronke, a feisty and sassy female District Judge until she submits in his bed.


  ~ A dangerous attraction…is mounting ~

Replaying her hip-wriggling dance steps in his head, Mofe is on the trail of a dancer he saw in a beach club in Europe. No one seems to recall who she is, not even the beach club owner. But he has her picture on his phone. When he walks into the city’s courtroom and sets eyes on the female District Judge presiding over his brother’s case, he knows he has found the

elusive dancer. Whether or not his brother receives a jail sentence is in her hands.

Caring for her little sister takes up most of Ronke’s free time, but she knows how to juggle work with having a good time abroad dancing on bar tables. The moment Ronke locks gaze with the dark, gorgeous man with rippling muscles and tattooed arms, a dangerous attraction sizzles inside her. With no plans to forgo her current no-strings secret affair, she disappears without a trace, hoping never to see the stranger again. But when he walks into her courtroom, her stomach walls tighten and she can barely breathe.

Can Mofe convince a woman who holds the key to his brother’s future to date him? And will Ronke deny her attraction to protect her reputation?

~ From the Author of Love at Christmas and His Ring ~



Click to read a free preview of Naked Attraction










Two Amazon Gift Cards were up for grabs in the Naked Attraction Pre-order Giveaway.


1. $5 Amazon Gift Card winner is Thelma Akagbosu.


2. $2.99 Amazon Gift Card winner is Linda Post





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LUST ~ A Sexy Romance #Contemporary #ASMSG

posted 6 Nov 2016, 13:43 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

Welcome to Book Showcase 

Dear Romance Readers, my Sexy Romance love story, LUST is out on Amazon, Okada and Smashwords.


In this story, you will meet Faye Cole and Jordan Beckham who will make you "...laugh, cry and you will not want to put it down" - a review written by an amazon customer.





There is a simple truth Faye must share. But now is not the time. There are more important things on her mind like flying around the world in the line of duty. So when Jordan appears on her doorstep, she knows time is running out. Only she has no idea where to start. Besides, who would believe her?

Jordan Beckham knows there is something missing in his life money cannot buy. At the back of his mind, there is only one woman who he thinks is a perfect fit. When he finds Faye Cole in the most unexpected place, he knows what he must do to snag her for keeps.

Only Jordan has no idea what an emotional turn his life is about to take. Will the truth break them?

~ From the Author of His Ring ~




Just as Faye stuffed her clothes and shoes into the bag, the mobile phone on her Venetian mirrored bedside unit rang.

Flipping the phone open, she pressed the speaker button, while calmly folding her underwear.

“Hello, Faye here.” She said, without checking the caller identity.


“Hi Faye, it is Jordan here.”


Her hands folding the frilly underwear froze in mid-air. The skimpy material slipped to the bed, and then to the dark wood, laminate floor. Her heart stopped beating for half a second. His voice—oh his booming voice—could still make her quiver at age twenty-seven. Feeling quite unsteady on her feet, she sat her backside on the neat-as-a-new-pin bed.


“Hi Jordan,” she uttered coolly.


“I was beginning to think you didn’t remember me Faye. How are you? It was so good to see you after such a long time.” She looked around her gold coloured wall paper, her eyes focusing on the richer accent, blue colour she had recently injected to add luxury and interest to her neutral backdrop.


After keeping quiet for a long while, she sighed, knowing she couldn’t possibly play dumb forever. “I am good, thanks. Accept my congratulations on your multiple awards the other night. I didn’t get to speak with you before I left.” How hypocritical! She criticized her endeavour at being nice, as a sham as she heard his intake of breath.




“It was all unplanned really. The organizers heard I was in London and they decided to invite me. But now, I’m glad they did, because I saw you again.”


How charming! Why was he wasting his flattering skills on her? “Y-y-yes,” she stammered. Why couldn’t she stop thinking about him? And why had he always been the standard with which she measured every man she dated? Leaning forward, she wiped off an invisible speck of dust from the blue vase resting on her recently exposed and accessorized fireplace.


“Congratulations on your award! I’m extremely proud of you, Faye. I’ve stopped by your blog and dug up several magazines you write for. And, I can say the award is definitely well deserved.”


A glance in the framed wall mirror on the right side of her bed revealed her cheeks were a light red shade, mocking her resolve to remain detached. To her relief, Jordan couldn’t see how his words altered her skin tone.


“Thank you,” was all she could muster from her vocal muscles.


“Faye, can I make you an irresistible offer?”


Her fingers clutching the duvet trembled. Her heart skipped. “Yes, of course.” Her tone was obliging. I should be speaking curtly, she accused in her head.



Lust ~ A Sexy Romance is available on the following sites:  

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#NewRelease: His Choice is out #Paranormal #Romance #ASMSG

posted 28 Sep 2016, 23:14 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

   Welcome to Book Showcase!


Yes, after two years, I have finally released Cowries Series Book 2.


So it is with great joy and praise to God, I announce the release of my new novel, titled His Choice ~ A Sweet Paranormal Romance.

In this story, you will meet a handsome and sensitive Prince Osula who has a generous heart and Obigho, a woman with powers on a mission to claim his Kingdom. Will the allure of a strange woman rid Osula of his throne? Please join Osula and Obigho as they find their way in a story laced with drama and emotion
 in His Choice.

Genre: Romance/Paranormal/Multicultural/Fantasy


 Release Date: September 27th, 2016


Price: 99c



ISBN-13: 978- 1537332710

~ An Allure So Intense ~

On a specific mission to a place far away from home, Obigho sets eyes on a tall, dark man with a sharp gaze, carved muscles and royal strides and almost forgets the reason she is in town.

A walk by the riverside at dawn is all Osula has in mind. When he sees a creature move, he steps forward to find out what is hiding in the shade. The woman with glowing eyes catches his gaze. But when he stretches out his hand, he receives a shock.

Now Osula must find out if Obigho is who she says she is. And will she want to be with him?

~ From the Author of His Ring: A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~





Stirred from his trance, Prince Osula shook his head to clear the fuzziness. “I must show you to the king and queen at once,” he said, reaching for her hand.

“No!” Obigho refused, stepping away from him. “No one must know I’m in Igidan land. You must keep our meeting to yourself and swear your guard to secrecy or…”

“Or what?” he asked, his eyes searching hers for clues as to who she really was. “Why should I keep your existence a secret if you have nothing to hide?”

Tiger brown eyes the colour of glowing gemstones wrapped up his gaze and he held his tongue.

“Perhaps I have something to hide,” she agreed with a shrug. “But it is my personal matter. I prefer to live in a place surrounded by nature. And it is cool by the riverside. I have shade, food supply, water and clothes. And you turned up, so now I have an ally. What more do I need?”

Casting his mind back to the material comfort waiting for him in the palace, he could not imagine her needs being met in this place, open to sun and wind.

“Yes, I come here for peace and serenity but it has no material comfort for a woman.”

Shaking her head, she murmured. “How wrong you are. I’m not royalty, so I do not need all the comfort you speak of. My purpose in life requires the peace and serenity found only in a place like this. Worry not about me, O Prince. My journey here today has been eventful.”

Contrary to what she said, the riverside was no place to call home. “But you are human, a woman with the needs like any other. Come with me to the palace and I’ll ensure you are well cared for until you need to return to your home. We take adequate care of strangers in Igidan land.”

Her lips opened up like a flower and she bared uneven white teeth, which only enhanced her beauty.

“How kind of you to offer me comfort in the royal household. Believe me when I say I’m honoured, but I have to refuse your generosity for your own good. However, I would be pleased to see you whenever you come out here for a walk. Only do not bring your guard. Can you do that for me?”

Silence filled the awkward moment.

Was he insane to even consider having a secret meeting with a woman who spoke as if she ruled the world but had the attitude and needs of a lowly commoner? Not that the royal house considered anyone a lowly commoner. Far from it. His father, the king made sure every household in Igidan Kingdom had farmlands and enough food to feed their families. The communal life in Igidan was the envy of neighbouring towns and villages. Even strangers were housed and treated with dignity and respect.

Obigho stared at him with her fiery eyes, waiting for him to make promises he could not keep or should not even consider.

“You ask for the impossible, Obigho,” he stalled, hoping she would see the error in her request.

“Does My Prince wish to decline a woman’s wish because he fears the wrath of his father, the king?”

He knew she was playing on his mind but how could he decline her simple request without coming across as cruel?


After a long pause, he said...










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#NewRelease: His Ring is Out! @StellaEA #Romance #IR #ASMSG

posted 16 Sep 2016, 15:56 by Flirty & Feisty Romance

   Welcome to Book Showcase!


Amazon USAmazon UK, Okada Books & Smashwords 


With a heart full of praise to God, I announce the release of my new interracial novel, titled His Ring ~ A Sweet & SteamyRomance.

In this story, you will meet Esohe Osawe, a woman in denial of the sizzling attraction growing within her and Yomi Alade, a man who fully intends to capture her heart. But their journey is not drama-free. Join Esohe and Alade as they work through their emotions in His Ring.

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural


Price: 99c



ISBN 13: 978-1537130552




~ A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel ~

 There’s no Denying the Sizzling Attraction

Peeping out from her bedroom window to watch the tattoos on Yomi's chiselled chest and the play of muscles across his abs and arms as he works out, is Esohe’s guilty pleasure. But she denies her sensual attraction for good reasons.

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Her son, her work and re-settling in town are all she cares about.  But as days turn into weeks, can she stop thinking about the man who has her emotions tangled?

One woman is all the sexy Yomi Alade wants and he will give anything to have her. Only she is smart, intelligent and out of his reach. When he finds out there's an opening in her new home, he quickly shows up to offer his service. Now he must figure out how to spoon the dark beauty to his side and never let her go. But there are truths she must not uncover.

~ From the Author of INDECENT ~






Ignoring her son’s sulky expression, Esohe made a quick call to her office and told them she was running late.


‘Alright Shawn, I’ll take you school today. Get dressed and come down for breakfast.’


‘Mum, I don’t think you should bother,’ her son said as he pulled on his blazer and knotted his tie in front of the giant-sized framed mirror.


Shawn was only in year five, but he acted as if he was in sixth form. He must have inherited the attitude from his grand mum because she had been quite level-headed at his age.


‘Why not? I’m your mum and I want to fix you breakfast. I accept that I haven’t been around much since we moved in here, but I want to start to repair that lapse now.’


 Picking up her bag and keys from the floor, she ran down the stairs. Looking at her wristwatch, she reckoned Shawn still had well over twenty minutes before he had to be in school.


At the foot of the stairs, she came to a screeching halt. The sight a few yards in front of her left her speechless and breathless in one fell swoop.


In her bespoke kitchen, the man she’d seen through her bedroom window picking weeds and digging flower beds only an hour ago in stained green t-shirt, dark shorts, muddy boots and gloves now looked like a celebrity TV chef preparing breakfast on live television.


Now dressed in a white long sleeve shirt—rolled up to reveal complicated tattoos on his fore­arms­—and blue jeans, Yomi had her purple apron tied low on his waist. Music filtered out from the surrounding speakers and he moved his head to the tune.


At her drooling mouth, Yomi flashed her a winning grin as he stirred the bubbling liquid in the milk pan on the five ring induction gas hob.


Looking to her left on the breakfast bar where they ate quick meals, there were two plates set, complete with cutlery and mugs. Taking in the scene, she understood why her son had dismissed her belated offer to prepare his breakfast.


Her gardener had extended his scope of work to providing breakfast for her son and doing school runs behind her back. Yomi had practically taken over the running of her home.


Moved to tears, she covered her face with both hands. Embarrassment and a tinge of anger warred within her. She could not put her finger on exactly what she found so appalling about the scenario playing out in front of her.


While she stood like a robot on the last step, Shawn came bounding down the stairs, looking at his wristwatch at the same time.

‘Hi mate,’ Yomi called out to Shawn who was pulling his schoolbag over one shoulder.


In her head, Yomi’s voice was like hot syrup flowing through her veins. Confused and shocked, she searched for the best way to tackle the problem.


If she asked her handsome gardener to get out of her kitchen, she risked offending her son who was obviously settled into the routine of eating hot, freshly prepared meals for breakfast.


‘Come over and join us, Mum,’ Shawn called out as he dumped his bag on the black Ceaserstone Quartz worktop.


‘Never mind, I’m sure Yomi doesn’t have enough for three,’ she said in a faint whisper.


‘There’s always extra. Isn’t there an extra portion left, Yomi?’ her son asked, as he went round and pumped the gardener on the arm like chummy friends did.


Her stomach almost fell out. ‘This isn’t happening,’ she muttered under her breath. Yomi was not Shawn’s friend by any stretch of imagination. He was here to tend her garden not to play buddy to her son.


In fact, what scared her more was the thought of Yomi playing dad to her son.












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INDECENT ~ So Seductive is out now on #Amazon #OkadaBooks

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New Release!!!



Dear Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels Readers, I'm super thrilled to announce the release of INDECENT ~ So Seductive.

Genre: Interracial/Contemporary

Pages: 214

Word Count: 40,330

99c only

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INDECENT is an Interracial Romance story about Elna, a woman who wants nothing from any man but finds out she wants everything when she meets Tonye.

Read INDECENT to join Elna and Tonye on the hot road to seduction. 


Is it possible to want nothing and then want everything?

Sultry beauty, Elna Cardona has a definite reason she is at Barcelona El Prat Airport.

Although there are things about her life she is not proud of, at least she does not have to worry about being restrained by the demands of a serious relationship. When a tall, dark-skinned man with piercing eyes accosts her on the flight to California, her chest pounds and she wets her thongs.

Accomplished restaurant franchise owner, Tonye Briggs has other things on his mind when he boards the flight from Spain to Los Angeles. When a woman with golden hair and blue eyes slips into a fish-net swimsuit during the flight, he thrusts his urgent workload aside and tracks her down. Only, he does not consider the rough road to seduction.

Will the tiny spark in Elna and Tonye’s eyes burst into flames or will their passion die out before they touch down in Beverly Hills?



INDECENT is now available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Okada Books & Smashwords:



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Wild Whispers is Out! #NewRelease #Interracial #BWWM

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Welcome to Book Showcase

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the upcoming tender romance novella from Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels titled: Wild Whispers is out now!!!

Wild Whispers is Flirty & Feisty Romance 14th Novel. Hurray! 

Thank God for His goodness and inspiration.

Wild Whispers ~ A Tender Novella
Genre - Romance/Contemporary/Interracial
Price: 99c only
No of Pages - 106
ISBN - 978-1530511259
Release Day - Tuesday 26th April 2016

Graphic Designer: Maria Lazarou (Obsessed by Books)

Bracelet Designer: Author Nikki Walker

I was pushed to write to write Wild Whispers by my dearest author friend in the US for a collection of short stories anthology. I'm very blessed to have her as my friend.

Although Wild Whispers is going to be published as part of an anthology in May, I have also decided to publish a tender version for Flirty & Feisty Romance Readers.

Wild Whispers was due out on Tuesday April 26th 2016 but it is available NOW!


Wild Whispers Blog Tour begins on Mon, April 25th - Thurs May 26th 2016 

(The Blog Tour schedule is below - scroll down).

Star Prize: One Wild Whispers Bracelet 

Other Prizes: Flirty & Feisty Romance eBooks of your choice (excluding Wild Whispers)


To win the star prize: 

Follow Wild Whispers on its exciting Blog Tour and leave comments on every blog. One lucky winner will be drawn from a hat.

Rhinestone Link Chain Bracelet

To win your choice of Flirty & Feisty Romance eBook (excl Wild Whispers): Leave a comment on any blog and one commenter on every blog wins an eBook.

Scarred but not broken, beautiful Adaora Dike made a tough choice early in life and she had

no regret until she lost everyone and everything without warning. She finds comfort in a quiet home in the woods, deep in Dagor Village. Out there, Adaora discovers nature and animals do not condemn, only people do. One rainy night, a male shadow dashes across her yard, her heart flips over and she faces emotional chaos. 

While on a field trip in Africa, handsome photographer, Gary Mason gets stranded in the woods. He finds an abandoned shelter occupied by a lonely but lovely woman he cannot not get out of his head. This is one photography shoot he wants to forget, but Adaora has a firm grip on his heart and might change his life forever. 

Through many Wild Whispers, will Adaora and Gary change each other or will fate intervene to keep them apart?

Wild Whispers ~ Blog Tour Schedule

Nikki's Spot

Romance Novels Book Blog

Mon 25th April 

Romance Writers of West Africa Blog

Tues 26th April  

Flirty & Feisty Romance Blog

Tues 26th April  
 Romance Lovers Bookblog 

Tues 26th April  

Life by Olivia

By God's grace, I hope to see you on Wild Whispers Blog Tour. 

Thank You

Thank you to my beta reader, Omolara, all my amazing bloggers, my promo materials creative designer, Maria Lazarou and Wild Whsipers Bracelet designer, Author Nikki Walker.

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